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Anyone have Charter Telephone?


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I don't know specifically about Charter but VOIP has its ups and downs

Up- Its cheap

Down- If the power/cable goes out so does the phone.

Up- Its very cheap

Down- signal quality can be spotty (but fixed by getting a signal booster)

My payment with Vonage is $24.92 per month. I keep a trac-fone in the car just in case.

What you have to look at with a cable company is to see if they are bundling. If so they are giving you a cheaper rate over the short term but can jack it later.

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Supes, don't have Charter but I do have Comcast and I am satisfied with the service. The good thing about Comcast versus Vonage (don't know about Charter) is that they CAN locate your residence when you dial 911. I remember that you had to do something different with Vonage. The sound quality is fine with me, can't tell the difference!! The only drawback is when the Cable is out, the phone is dead. This has happened a few times, but service was back up within a few minutes. No hassle though, cell phone worked! Hope this helps!

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