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The next cutdown to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday


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Here's a roster analysis going into the game against the Ravens (with number projected on 53-man roster in parentheses):

Running backs (5 or 6)

Locks (3): Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood and Ovie Mughelli

Bubble (3): Thomas Brown, Jason Snelling and Corey McIntyre

Comment: McIntyre is a special-teams maven. Brown's a promising kick return, and Snelling runs hard.

Specialists (3)

Locks (3): Jason Elam, Michael Koenen and Mike Schneck

Comment: With Elam, the Falcons don't need to keep Morten Andersen's phone number on speed dial this season.

Quarterbacks (3)

Lock (1): Matt Ryan

Bubble (3): Chris Redman, Joey Harrington, and D.J. Shockley

Comment: Will the Falcons keep two veterans and try to slip Shockley onto the practice squad, or will they keep one veteran and keep developing Shockley?

Tight ends (3 or 4)

Ben Hartsock and Marcus Pollard

Bubble (3): Martrez Milner, Keith Zinger and Jason Rader

Comment: Zinger's a promising practice-squad candidate.

Wide receivers (6)

Locks (6): Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Laurent Robinson, Harry Douglas, Adam Jennings and Brian Finneran

Bubble (2): Eric Weems and Chandler Williams

Comment: Finnernan looks like he's going to make the team after missing the past two years with knee injuries.

Note: Noriaki Kinoshita has an international-player exemption for the season.


Locks (9): John Abraham, Jamaal Anderson, Grady Jackson, Jonathan Babineaux, Chauncey Davis, Rashad Moore, Kindal Moorehead, Kroy Biermann and Simon Fraser

Bubble (4): Brandon Miller, Tim Anderson, Montavious Stanley and Willie Evans

Comment: Possibly only one spot appears open.

Linebackers (6 or 7)

Locks (6): Michael Boley, Curtis Lofton, Keith Brooking, Stephen Nicholas, Tony Taylor and Coy Wire

Bubble (2): Cameron Vaughn and Mickey Pimentel

Comment: Unit appears to be strength of the defense.

Linemen (9 or 10)

Locks (8): Sam Baker, Justin Blalock, Todd McClure, Harvey Dahl, Todd Weiner, Alex Stepanovich, Quinn Ojinnaka, Tyson Clabo

Bubble (6): Kynan Forney, D'Anthony Batiste, Ben Wilkerson, Doug Datish, Michael Butterworth and Terrance Pennington

Comment: Forney's a six-year starter who is behind Dahl in a battle to earn the starting spot at right guard

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There will not be 4 QB's on the team, practice squad included. Someone will be cut and on another team...

It's possible, but the article merely says that the QBs other than Ryan are in danger of being cut. It doesn't say which we'll keep.

Besides, we COULD keep four since you get a roster exemption on the PS for an extra QB. If we cut Shockley and no one picks him up, he'll most likely end up on the taxi squad.


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I think that is very good analysis....

I see it this way....I really feel that our new regime is going to keep players they drafted over the previous players...so I think that affects Snelling, Jennings, and Irons...

We will not carry 6 WR if we want to be a running team...Jennings has never showed me anything on Special Teams to warrent him a roster spot....a TD...NO!!! Harry Douglas can easily perform that task or Thomas Brown (Whom I think is not that great, but could be solid if not injured)....I think Douglas can handle punts...also don't be surprised if they try Laurent Robinson there as well....

Defensively...We are very solid...and mentioned before I think that Fontenot makes the team and not Irons...

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