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Brandon Miller


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Brandon was all world coming out of high school, I think we recuited him as QB at first. He has mean streak that would be great for this team.

So are you like the resident UGA knob slobberer around here?

Lets just get a whole team of Georgia players. That'd be freakin sweet.

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I might be wrong about playing QB in high school but I thought he did

yeah you are wrong.. he was recruited as a linebacker/DE, but due to injuries he played lb at first, but then by his senior year they tried him late in the year at DE and he was progressing, but he is very very raw. he won't make this cut, but i wouldn't count against him to make it somewhere at DE. He has tremendous talent who has been hurt by not really finding the right position for him.. Either way I hope the best for him, but his future is not in atlanta.

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You do know they can release someone directly from the PS. They do not have to move them to the active roster and then cut them!

The coaches must have signed him to the active roster because they thought he could contribute to the team. (I sorry they are not as smart as some of you)

The coaches did have 8 players to choose from on the PS and they chose Miller.

Also they could have signed a free agent BUT they CHOSE Miller.

Will he remain on the roster for the rest of this season, who knows?

Will he make the roster next year? Who knows.

But for now he has made it as the choice of the coaches.

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