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John McCain Blows up old Liberal Template with his 7 Houses !

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John McCain endured 5 years of Tourtous imprisonment at the hands of the Viet-con in the infamous war of the 1960's. He had no Houses, he was kept in a 10x12 pin, with no sanitation, no clean water, no kitchen tables, no chairs, no bed, He refused a chance to be released early because he did not want special treatment nor did he want to leave his other captured comrades behind. Upon Finally making it home and surviving a ordeal that would have killed most men, he built up a very sucessful life and fortune. He met and married Cindy McCain whose Father was a WW2 Vet and had started one of the nations biggest and richest Beer Dis in the nation, The Company and the riches was left to her and together they shared the American dream, and they have earned everything they own inculding their 7 houses......The Democrats and Obama on the other hand only want you to hear about the homeless vets who come back form the war broken down and out unable to fend for themselves, They dont want to value the American Dream at all, and they dont want to amit to anyone that you can be inspired to better yourself without aid of the government because with the Democrats, Government is everything and their power is everything.. McCain has blown up a huge liberal template, he has showed the world, that even a vet from a war like nam can return to America and have a great life..........................

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