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I've been surprized to learn my lady got me a 3 game package

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We'll first of all what a great woman to get this for me. She does'nt even like football, I was blown away with her kindness. She got the Lions, Chiefs and Bears package.

My question is though since she now has a account with the Falcons ticket office, does she now have first call on the 2 seats she purchased for the rest of the season? So if I enjoy it and want to go to the rest can I buy out the rest of the season??

Thanks for any input.


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My understanding is that you do get first call. According to Blank, the 3 game packages also qualify you for playoff games. It's a stretch that the Falcons will make it to the playoffs but if they do, you have dibs.

I would think so too, but I wanted to get some input from the message board. Thanks for your time.

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