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Any interest in Ricky Manning Jr.

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Might as well, that's what a lot of our fan base appears to do.

I think so too. A player doesn't develop in their franchise mode so they figure he must be worthless. Or the ones the become great on franchise mode must be really good players in the making. After all EA Sports has the best scouts in the country. ;)

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Here's a good wikipedia on him lol I'm sure Arthur Blank can't wait to sign this guy:

On April 23, 2006 Ricky Manning, Jr. attacked a man, Soroush Sabzi [5], in a Denny's restaurant after teasing him for working on a laptop computer.[6] He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly fighting a man and eventually pled no contest to felony assault. Manning faced up to four years in prison because of a previous assault charge in 2002, for which he received probation.

According to the police report, Manning and former UCLA teammates, Tyler Ebell and Maurice Jones-Drew bullied a student sitting at another table. Manning confronted the student with "Are you a faggot?", "You f---ing Jew," and then called him "an ugly f---ing Jew" and a "faggot." The student asked to be left alone and the football players beat him unconscious. [7]

Two days before the incident the Bears had signed Manning to an offer sheet. In light of the assault charges, the Panthers declined to match Chicago's offer and so Manning signed a $21 million deal with the Bears two days later. In September 2006, Manning pled no contest to felony assault in exchange for another probation deal. Later, Manning proclaimed his innocence. He acknowledged having words with the victim then pushing him in the head—but after that, according to him, his former UCLA teammates did the damage. "Yeah, I did it" explained Manning (AP report). "If I don't plea to this I have to go through trial. We're in season now. Then I'd have to put it in the hands of a jury. There are tons of things that can happen with a jury... I just can't risk that."

Manning's previous 2002 assault charge resulted from a fight between Manning and bodybuilders Brian Herbert and Seth Spiker outside a Westwood bar. Originally charged with two counts of felony assault, Manning pled innocent to one count after the other was dropped. [8]

The NFL suspended him for one game for this incident[citation needed].

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Did we forget we already had Hutchins? I know hes on IR, but our DBs have been looking great so far.


I didn't forget. But Hutchins won't play this year. That's why I said I'd consider Manning if he's released and he's willing to sign a 1 year, low $$ contract. Hutchins was our vet this year at CB and we are without him.

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SI's truth and rumors is reporting that Manning Jr is demanding a trade, but is more likely to be cut when final cuts come out. He might add some vet leadership to our young defensive secondary. Although, in the preseason, I've been pleasantly surprised with our DB's. What do you think?

He was great in Carolina. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a #2 CB. With Von Hutchins out its def. a possibility in my mind.

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