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My Fantasy Football team how does it look?

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QB - Carson Palmer,Jay Cutler Brett Favre


WR-Marques Colston, Calvin Johnson, Patrick Crayton,Muhsin Muhammad

TE-Vernon Davis, Mercedes Lewis

Kicker - Jason Elam

Defense -Titans and Ravens

DB's - Champ Bailey and DeAngelo Hall

DL - Julius Peppers and John Abraham

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you should drop one of those QBs and get some RBs. you should be able to have 3 league starters with 12 people.

but you have Defenders and ive never done that. so nevermind me.

Yup I put Jay Cutler on the trade block I will see if we have any takers. I don't know though those guys don't seem to high on qb's considering I got Favre in the 15 round(something like that).

Yeah and the defenders thing threw me off big time.

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1. If this is a yahoo league, you can start linebackers on the D-Line. Drop both natural linemen and get some LB's, you'll score a lot more points.

2. You overextended on QB's. I would personally offer up Palmer for a starting RB. His offense is in injury plagued shambles. Their recievers are hurting badly. Trade him while you can still get value for him, Favre will be fine at QB.

3. McBadden seems to be a reach pick, as I'll assume you drafted him in the first 3-4 rounds. I think he wont 't warrant a fantasy starting position this season. He'll be a good back-up and have a few good games, but he won't be solid week in and week out.

4. Your receivers outside of Colston aren't dominant, they're servicable, but you won't put up big numbers there. You also might try picking up a few players here and there to have options. Keep one defense and drop the other (you decide which, I keep the Titans, the Ravens have a bad offense and their D will get worn down as the season progresses). I'd look into players like Robert Meachem or Eddie Royal if they're on the waiver wire or free agents. Other sleepers include the following Laurent Robinson, James Hardy, Devin Thomas, Dexter Jackson, Early Doucet.

5. I'd also drop a TE. You can always pick one up in a bye week, but the TE position is over rated unless your guy's name is Gates, Witten or Winslow.

6. Your DB's are name guys, not scorers. Try trading their name for substance. These are solid fantasy scorers: Adrian Wilson, Gibril Wilson, Sean Jones, Charles Tillman, Troy Polomalu, Kerry Rhodes, Nate Clements. Champ will put up better points than MeAngelo, but he won't have a lot of picks because teams won't throw at him. He's still the best in the league at the position.

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