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hillary dividing her own supporters! she's driving more voters to mccain!


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oh boy hillary had lots of sympathy from mccain & republicans since obama dissed her but now she's crapping all over that sympathy!!! her supporters are mad she's not on the ticket & hillary needs to honor their anger not patronize her female supporters by telling them to stand by their man!!!

she's attacking mccain who has been sympathetic to her!!! well let me tell you hillary's supporters won't stand for that!! they'll vote mccain if she keeps telling her supporters what to do by voting for obama!!! she needs to honor their passion & anger by not dictating that her supporters vote obama like she's doing!!! here's her statement that is insulting & demeaning to her supporters!!!


“Every one of us could stand up and recite all the reasons why we must elect Barack. The Supreme Court is at stake; our educational system needs the right kind of change. We’ve got to become energy independent; we have to create millions of new green collar jobs. We’ve got so much work to do around the world.

“None of that will happen if John McCain is in the White House. I just want to make it absolutely clear we cannot afford four more years of George W. Bush’s failed policies in America, and that’s what we would get with John McCain.

"Now I understand that the McCain campaign is running ads trying to divide us, and let me state what I think about their tactics and these ads: I am Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message.

“So let there be no mistake about it, we are united. We are united for change.”

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