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Bird, 2008 finiish

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Offensive line - Much improved, very nice job TD. Running Game, Will prove to be the best tandem in the NFL.. Recieving Corps-

Roddy will have even a better year, considering the QB situation is vastly improved. I think Michael Jenkins will finally break out and be the kind of reciever we thought, when we drafted him #1.

]DEFENSE. Given We won't have same anemic offense we had last year, won't be on the fileld most of the time. John Abraham- is the key, gotta keep him healthy, along with j. anderson stepping up, which i believe he will.

[size="7"]lbsSolid group, particularily the good showing thus far of Curtis Lofton. Secondary. initially, i thought would be the Achille's heel, has played well, in particular - Brent Grimes. "]Special Teams i think has been pretty decent. but would be nice to have some other than jennings back returning the ball.

go falcons........9wins, 7 loses.

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didn't say anything about a breakout year for roddy, he will do just fine. i said michael jenkins will finally produce like we thought he would.

You know what man, I would take it in stride if you said my mistake. But your telling me you didn't have Roddy's name where Jenkins' name is? Then you try and call me on it? You edited that post and I'm not an idiot.

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