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No, well, yes, but no. Rev is right that is will change with more posts, but you can also customize it.

Up at the top of the page, click "My Controls", it's next to your user name.

Then, look on the left of the new page that opens & click "Edit Profile Information"

Then in the top box "Custom Member Title", you can change the member line on your profile to what ever you want.

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Rev. and who ever else may help....since this thread is here I might as well ask.

How come I can not make my avatar a .gif file. I see other people that have .gif files for their avatars, yet when I upload one it is the still picture of the .gif. Anyone have a suggestion?

HA!.....Nevermind, not like you guys were going to trip over your selves to get to me like you all did the girl. I'm good now. :lol:

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