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Email From JaMarcus Russell's Arm


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Email from JaMarcus Russell's arm: We're about to show out!

By Roy S. Johnson / Y! Sports Blogs

I received this email today from JaMarcus Russell's right arm:

Yo, Roy!

We've known each other awhile, my brother. You've been a big fan since my days at LSU. Much appreciated.

You know what I can do. I'm a gun! I can leave an imprint upside a cat's head, if he's not ready for me. I can make him call for his momma if he's not lookin' for me and I hit him in the chest.

But this is isn't about me. Really. Not any more.

It's about my guy, JaMarcus.

It's been awhile since you and me last vibed. My fault. Or rather, our fault. It's not exactly like we've given you much to vibe about. Me and my guy -- all 6-6, 260 of him (that's me, loosening up in the pic, right) -- took awhile to take care of business matters last fall, being the No. 1 overall pick and all. We got paid, but we paid as well.

I was MIA last season. My man only started one game, played on only four and worked me only 66 times. Where was the love?

But I/we didn't deserve more. We weren't ready.

Now's different. My man JMarc came to camp this season like a made man, like a leader. We've been cool so far in preseason, trying to avoid mistakes, play smart and make folks forget about the last year. We've been crisp in practice, and head man Lane Kiffin has been pleased. I've been used only 22 times in two preseason games, but not really because my guy's been mostly checking off and going to the outlet guys in the flat, nothing deep.

C'mon, J, now I'm ready to show out!

I'm hyped by what Lane said today. He said, "I know we can run." Duh. Sorry as we were last season, we were the No. 3 running team in the NFL! And now we have that big fella from Hogsville, Darren McFadden?! Yeah we can run.

So Lane said it's time to see if we can throw. Deep. Please.

We can. I can.

But it ain't all about throwing. I got that.

It's about making the right decisions. I need JMarc's head for that.

It's about utilizing the moving pocket to elude those big, mean angry dudes and then using me before my man gets whacked. I need JMarc's feet for that.

And it means making the catch. Lord knows, I need Javon Walker, my best best man Zach Miller and all my "hands" for that.

But I'm confident. We're gonna be all right in '08. We're gonna show out because my man JMarc is fit (finally), and he understands that it's not all about me.

Hit ya later. We'll vibe again soon. Guaranteed.


J's G(un)



Check out the Reader Comments

Could you imagine writing that garbage and then having to read all the user comments from it... Ouch

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