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I watched the Falcons Titans game on NFL network


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Here is my analysis:

Ryan looked solid. He wasn't amazing. He didn't blow me away, but he didn't make mistakes. That's huge. He also did something effectively from the QB position we haven't seen since Chandler. A three step drop and a completion for a significant gain. He appears to be a good (and accurate) QB. The big question is will he be a "good" QB over the course of his career or will he develop into a gamebreaker type QB like Manning/Brady/etc. Time will tell.

The OL played really well. Baker was solid against KVB. Our OL has a nasty streak. Dahl is just flat out mean. I think our OL believes in Ryan and that is a huge factor why he's the starter. Our receivers played well. Roddy had another solid game and I can't believe my words but Jenkins played well too. Harry Douglas IMO will eventually take over the #2 WR spot. Probably next year. Turner got stuffed against a solid run D but Norwood changed the pace and was great. Depth is a beautiful thing.

The D. Our front seven looks solid. Abe was a beast. Lofton looked great. The secondary did not show the same promise it did in the first two PS games. I forsee this secondary getting exposed a lot this year but developing into something really nice next year. The secondary is our weakest point. Grimes plays with intensity, Jackson is a solid rookie, and Houston is only going to get better. The only downside is that they are all pretty green.

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