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Is it true that marcus is playing arena football?


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Actually I dont even know if this is true.

In wikipedia, it says Marcus plays for the Chicago Rush.

"On July 24th Marcus Vick tried out with the AFL's Chicago Rush. He was subsequently signed on July 29th by the rush and is currently the starting quarterback for the team. He threw for 2,767 yards and 43 touchdowns and caught 8 passes one for a touchdown in his first season with the Rush."

But I went on their website and he's no where to be found. I googled him and tried to find a correlation, and absolutely nothing... Maybe Wikipedia got marcus confused with someone else.

The last I heard of marcus was that he tried to run away from a cop with a car and a police officier with a bicycle caught him.

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Last thing I remember it was Seddrick Bonner and then some white guy whos name I can't remember playing QB for the Rush.

But trust me he isn't in the AFL. I'm a regular Force fan and keep myself pretty up to date with the league. He'd make too big a splash not to notice if he signed with a team.

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