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It's what you might call the playground effect.

Put 10 guys on a basketball court and one of those will just stand out.

At any level of competition you can see certain athletes among the others that

just have something more....leadership, raw talent, speed, overpowering competitiveness or whatever it is.

I think one of those guys that has it is Matt Ryan, you just sense he's a winner.

John Abraham is a perfect example of what I'm talkin' about.....he feels and satisfies his desire to make plays.

Unfortunately, on the other end of the spectrum is Jamal Anderson, he just doesn't have it.

He'd be the one on the basketball court sayin' "oh man" everytime he got owned.

I think Harry Douglas has it too along with Kroy Bierman.

You know the coaches see it too. Bierman can make more plays during 10-15 plays in the game

than Anderson can during the whole game or 2 games.

Roddy White has found "it".

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Curtis Lofton has "it", too! He is going to be a great player in this league!

I also love Biermann! Talking about a great pick!!! Way to go, TD!



"I think one of those guys that has it is Matt Ryan, you just sense he's a winner."


If that weren't the case, they would never consider starting him on September 7th. We have a WINNER.

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No, I've made plenty of football posts.....but I think everyone knows what I'm talkin' bout.

You can get a bunch of teenagers or middle aged men gathered together for a little competition and

someone will stand out....that's just the way it is.

At any level it happens.

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