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Last year Bobby Petrino was the 2nd coming of Vince Lombardi>.

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Yeah! And thank goodness that worthless Norm Van Brocklin is gone too!!!!

Serioulsy, the Pigtrino era is over. No need to bring it up.

I'm still mad at Norb Hecker.

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Personally, I would never think any college coach was even the second coming of Leman Bennett, let alone Lombardi. I was highly skeptical when Petrino was hired and, sure enough, he did exactly what every college coach not named Jimmy Johnson has ever done at this level - flopped enormously.

As for Smith, all I can say is that what I know about his career history and what I've seen so far looks very promising.

But I'm also a Falcons fan, so of course both fingers are always kept very tightly crossed...

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Jerry was the man! We had the best uniforms in the NFL when he was here B)

Those where exciting times. deon, rison,case,tuggle,haynes,miller and we where 2 legit 2 quite :) yeah yeah!

Only in Atlanta would a coach who once led our professional football team to a .400 four year win/loss record be referred to as "the man."

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Agreed - we don't need to bring back the memory of Quitrino on here.

But I am still just amazed at how badly McKay did on that pick. Even morons like myself, who don't know squat about the NFL, could read the stat sheets on college coaches success in the NFL and see it was a HUGE reach.

But you would have at least expected McKay to discern that the guy was also an inappropriate pick to lead professional players with his aloofness, and stupid dictatorial style (no talking at the dinner table?????). Then when we got to see him scheming and play calling in a game, it was apparent that most Madden arm chair coached could do a better job.

Man we have had some real winners as head coach here. So far, Coach Smith seems like he is at least competent.

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