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Roddy, Roddy, Roddy!


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As great as it seems for Roddy right now, he has one HUGE weakness. The desire to be a show off.

From the entrance "flip" to the repeated chicken fighting with opponents in EVERY game, Roddy will be targeted for penalties all season if he don't get control of his brain.

Roddy, don't let the defense get into your head and especialy stop completely losing your cool.

and one more thing, lose the entrance flip before you injure yourself. Taking youerself out doing flips to show off would be as stupid as what 7 did. Coach Smith has probably already raked you over the coals for the flip, don't break your ankle doing STOOPID HUMAN TRICKS before the game starts, please!

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doing a flip is probably as easy for him as it is for us to walk backwards, but yeah penalties are no good

When I saw that flip I saw Tedd Ginn in his bowl celebration when he injured himself and could't finish the game.

Some teams DISCOURAGE players to engage in certain dangerous activities. Skydiving, riding motor cycles and such because the chances are TOO great for injury.

Doing flips to "show off" is silly, and immature and completely senseless. Roddy can make a YouTube video once and that should suffice.

Stuff like that goes on youtube like Darren Stone's car jumping, even Stone now says when asked to jump a car that it is too dangerous and he no longer does it.

On a positive Falcon note, I want to eventually see Darren Stone used on jump passes, he would be awesome if he can jump a parked car, who would go up and knock the ball down?

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