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Matt Ryan SHOULD start week one


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I have thought all along the conventional wisdom is to sit your future QB for a year and let him learn. Also that only two QB's have been successful starting in their rookie year, big Ben and the great Dan Marino. Some say that they were aided by starting their rookie campaign on very good teams.

The situation is different here, we all but rolled a grenade in the locker room to start a new era in Atlanta Falcon history. I believe we have the best GM and coaching staff EVER in our jaded history. We will see back to back winning seasons under this regime and playoffs in the very near future.

After watching Ryan in training camp and preseason he has progressed and handled adversity nicely. Even though it's just pre-season it's nice watching him grow up right before your eyes. I thought he has made the most out of his opportunities.

The reason I think we can start Matt is he is showing great poise and leadership. The players are playing hard for him and seeing him on one knee during the game talking to his OL this early in his career is very impressive. These are the intangibles you can't teach and he has it in spades.

The ability part isn't to shabby either. I like his pocket presence and how decisive he is against any coverage. He checks off his receivers very quickly and does not show happy feet in the pocket. One of the things I like the most that I don't see discussed here is his quick release. This is HUGE, it accomplishes two things. It takes a lot of pressure off of our young offensive line and it sets the tempo for the receivers allowing them to break out of their routes quickly. I know we haven't seen the long ball from Ryan yet but just maybe this is by design. I've seen QB's carve up a defense with the gameplan they have in place for Ryan and with our young OL that's just fine with me.

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the trick is to get people to understand that this year is not about stats for ryan, it's about him learning the game. This year is his year to take his lumps and get used to the NFL. Next year we will contend for the division title.

Agree, game experience is invaluable and not only do I think as a team we are going to surprise but Matt may surprise as well.

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