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Tech N9ne - The Industry is Punks


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Tech N9ne makes good music. For those of you who have not heard him yet, I suggest you do so immediately. He makes party music, music for the ladies and he talks about religion and current issues in some of his songs. He also delves into his personal life and the demons he's faced. Tech N9ne is criminally underrated and rappers like him need more support.

Tech N9ne recently had a newer album out named Killer. It's a two-disc set and it's divided into mini-albums where he talks about different subjects. Here are a few cuts from the new album:

Tech N9ne - Black Boy. He discusses how he is stereotyped by whites and blacks, the rich and the poor. Featuring Ice Cube.

Tech N9ne - Why You Ain't Call Me. He discusses his status in the industry.

Tech N9ne - Happy Ending. He talks about his family problems and not being able to be happy.

Tech N9ne - Hope for a Higher Power. He discusses, analyzes and questions religion.

Tech N9ne - This is Real. Just a party track.

There's even more neat stuff on the album, and his other previous albums for that matter. Now that you've heard what he can do, the only other action you can take is to go get his album.

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