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TD, Coaching Staff, Ryan and Core Players...

Ric Roc

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We all see something in this team's foundation that we like; be it the FO and personnel decisions, first rate coaching staff, the new attitude and culture, and/or the plethora of developing talent on the roster...

But how long do give this complete ensemble staying together? Now everyone has roster turnover from year to year, but as McKay once stated, you typically prefer that turnover to be minimal and at the bottom of the roster--not the meat or top of the roster.

Do you think Roddy sticks around to form an explosive offense centered around him, Ryan and Turner? Do you feel Boley sticks around long enough for us to see him starting alongside Lofton and Nicholas?

Should we have immediate and substantial success, would you expect the coaching staff to be pillard and/or raided by other teams?

How about other guys in FO? Do you think that if/when TD builds his dynasty here, he will stay on, or seek his next challenge?

Probably too soon to be thinking about this, but I'm just wondering...

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