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Cheap Shots? Something is missing here


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I read most the "cheap shots" posts and noticed:

1. The complaints were about our o-line - nothing mentioned that we were moving the heck out of the ball and those penalites prevented additional scoring.

2. No mention that our defense was cheap shotting folks - same defense that has held the last two games to 0 touchdowns

3. The "cheap shots" were after the plays were over - no mention of how the pro bowl defensive end got no sacks against the "short armed" rookie left tackle

4. No mention that the vaulted qb, the next YKW, can't hit the side of a barn

5. No menton that the Titan receivers can't catch.

6. No mention that the special teams play was lop - sided

7. No mention that the Faclons did not back down to a historically well known aggressive, and solid defense, and the rookie QB moved the chains

I saw a different Falcons team then I have seen in the past - these guys played 60 minutes of foorball, ok that the fine line bet3ween finishing a play and a foul stills needs work - at least they were finishing plays - oh yeh - I was real happy to see the receivers blocking downfield.

We are not there yet, but the foundation is laid.

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