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From the Titan's Website:

"Well after watching the first half I have to say that the WR's didnt blow the passing game up it was VY, Collins and the OL fault this time around.

Paul Williams has my sympathy, they keep saying " Hey if you want to make it in this league you have to make those catches!. Im sorry but give the guy something to catch other than over thrown passes toward the side line... geesh!!

Yea, 4 of 13? Thats not gonna do in the NFL regardless of Conference or Divison

On those first few plays of the first series did I see it right that they had no backs in the back field for protection when Vy got sacked?"

Isn't it funny how everyone else gets blamed when the QB is not that good....

It just amazes me how similar these comments sound the the last 6 years on this board. Just a little perspective for you.

-6 OUT

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