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Michael Turner is who TJ Ducket was supposed to be....

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Duckett had speed but not the quickness of Turner. TJ is more of a power runner that lost confidence (see Joey) in himself and don't know it.

And yes he should have been more like Turner. Coaching can make a difference, he played much better under Reeves than he did at any other time, Jamaal has played better this presean than he did all of last year.

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Another 1st round bust from the McKay era. Looks like Jamal Anderson will be his last, thankfully.

The guy couldnt draft 1st round talent to save his life. Only decent 1st rounder he gave us was Roddy White.

Jenkins has been so/so, and we know what happen with D.Hall he was a headcase. I guess trading our 1st round for John Abe was also smart, im glad he did it looking back at his 1st round drafting history, he would have prolly drafted a bust.

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tj was a horrible 1st round bust.. you can't screw up the draft like that.. i saw him a few days ago with seattle and he dropped a ball that hit him in the hands and then we stopped cold on another 1 yard run for a td.. he finally got into the end zone a drive later.. but it was an effort just doing that.

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