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My Thoughts on the first half (watched at 10)

Magic Man

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Ryan looked incredible. He makes the right reads. He shows leadership, poise, and all the things I am looking for in our QB. The only thing I saw is his long ball is sailing a bit, but at the end of the first half...HotRod shoulda had that ball.

Dahl looks like a beast and will get into the head of an opposing D-Line I think. Baker looks like the god given truth. I think this line will be a force to be reckoned with, and I think Smith and TD are gonna build it to last, with swing players who can play more than one position. This line opened up great lanes for the RB's and even when they weren't there, Turner and Norwood both made plays. I love Turner fighting for extra yards at the end of every one of his runs. And honestly, I almost fainted when I saw Norwood limping. So glad he is ok.

Adam Jennings...where ya been all my life?

Oh, and don't think I forgot...our D looked like an NFL D. Titans are a strong running team, but not tonight against our starting D. Biermann got a lot of work and I like to see that. The secondary was all over the receivers, and all the corners were reading the ball, and making plays.

1-15...hehehehehehehehehehehehe I feel a lot more confident after this of saying that we look like between a 7-9 to a 9-7 team. This was truly exciting. I can't wait for the season. We'll take our lumps, but after another draft, next year we will be a force.

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