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Fulton woman says Shaquille O’Neal stalked her

Alexis Miller said the NBA star threatened her, breathed heavily


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Fulton County woman has taken out a restraining order against NBA star Shaquille O’Neal after claiming he stalked her.

Judge Richard Hicks granted Alexis Miller’s request on Thursday after reviewing her claims that the NBA star threatened her with bodily harm and made harassing phone calls in which he would breathe heavily into the phone before hanging up.

Recent headlines:

Fulton woman says Shaquille O'Neal stalked her

• Atlanta and Fulton County news Miller, a 23-year-old independent music artist professionally known as Maryjane, also alleged that O’Neal, 36, threatened to ruin her career by having her blackballed after Miller ended an intimate relationship between the two last month.

Under terms of the restraining order, O’Neal is prohibited from having any contact or even coming within 200 yards of Miller or her 19-month-old son.

O’Neal, who resides in Florida, is scheduled to appear before Judge Karen Woodson on Sept. 4.

O’Neal has played 16 NBA seasons, winning three league championships with the Lakers (2000, 2001 and 2002) and another with the Miami Heat (2006). He was traded to the Phoenix Suns in February

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On a sidenote the girls pretty hot too.

Shaq just proves himself to be more of a punk as he gets older IMO.

It may be time to hand it up while he still has his legacy to fall back on.

I knew he was getting old when Ben Wallace just absolutly stuffed him in the playoffs a few years back. Made Shaq hit the court. I was hilarious and the first time I ever saw that done to him.

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