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You either have it or you don't.

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The fact of the matter is if he was going to shut it down and suck (also known as pulling a Harrington) because he gets shell shocked for whatever reason, be it bad o-line or whatever, it would only delay the inevitable that he would be an awful QB. Do you see what I mean? Peyton Manning went 3-13 and in general had a typically bad rookie QB season. Joey Harrington did something very similar.

It's not a matter of organization "grooming a QB" correctly.

It's a matter of that QB having the intangibles you need to be great in this league.

They say they drafted Matt because he's got them.

So, let him play. Let him start. Let him throw a bajillion int's this season. It'll be good for the Falcons organization either way to get him started on the track to either success or failure.

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if our line can give up 35 sacks or less for the season i would be for it. but if its the same old 45+ sacks a season then thats just going to ruin matt. we've invested our future into this kid. we're not winning a super bowl this year so lets make sure we dont prevent it from happening in the near future. while im not impressed with ryans "passing" skills theres too many sources citing his intelligence and intangibles not to at least think he can overcome his physical limitations with quick thinking and good football instincts. im thinkin he will be starting by mid season unless redman has us in good shape at the time. he should be starting next year unless redman leads us to the playoffs and beyond.

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If the dude has:

Intagibles that you just can't teach

Is Intelligent

Can avoid the Rush

Is a Student of the Game

Is a Team Guy

Has a Strong mind

And was worth the Money you paid for him

As we were Told by the Organization, then he's already better than anything you have at QB. There should be no sit and learn time, if he is as GOOD as we are being told, then he needs to start DAY ONE!!! No excuses... The line wasn't a problem for the past 7 years, it was QB error...let's see what this kid can do.

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