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More proof that Vince Young likes men... especially tight-ends


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Anybody who wasn't convinced by the club pics seen here, should be convinced by his quote in the article below.


You can read the whole article here: http://www.fortmilltimes.com/124/story/262129.html

Tennessee quarterback Vince Young says the addition of Crumpler, who has 35 career touchdown receptions, "is going to be big" for the Titans.

"He has great hands, knows how to use his body," Young said.

"The funny part about it, I like seeing him after practice when he's in the locker room (maintaining) his body, taking care of his body. That's good ... because it shows the expectations he wants to have of this team."

In conclusion, Vince Young likes seeing his Algernon's body in the locker room after practice... GAY (not that there is anything wrong with that)

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Don't be a right wing extremist....there's nothing wrong with being gay.

You search for the term "gay" on YouTube often? :lol:

Of course there is nothing wrong with it, I just want him to go ahead come out of the closet so he can be a role model to all of his closet homosexual football brethren. Then he and Piazza can go public with their relationship.

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