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What good DT will become available?

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John Clayton wrote this about Rod Coleman

From the inbox

Q: John, I have not heard anything about Rod Coleman this offseason. After playing a handful of games last year I thought he might be ready to return from his injuries this year. Is his career finished?

Kevin in Toronto

A: He's still coming back from a lot of injuries, and he just doesn't seem to be ready yet. The Bucs looked at him early in the preseason, but there hasn't been much action. Age could certainly be a problem. He turned 32 on Aug. 16, but as Ted Washington taught everyone, defensive tackles are in demand enough to play into their late 30s. Grady Jackson didn't hear from anyone the entire offseason. He re-signed with the Falcons and was starting in a week. Coleman had quad, knee, triceps and pectoral injuries last year. He's a talent. Not only can he play the run well, but he's good against the pass. Don't be surprised if he lands someplace after the start of the regular season.

He could come back. :rolleyes:


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