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What are your predictions of our team?

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Matt Ryan= 16 TD'S,7 INT, 1,690 YRDS.

Roddy White= 1,015 YRDS REC, 12 TD'S

Michael Turner= 1,050 YRDS RUSHING, 15 TD'S

Ovie Mughelli= 343 YRDS RUSHING, 3TD'S

Jerious Norwood= 820 YRDS RUSHING, 7 TD'S

John Abraham= 13 SACKS!!

Brent Grimes= 5 INT

Boley leads team in Tackles= 126

Whats your guess?

This would be a great season if it would turn out like this. This is how I faired on the new Madden 2008 game. I took the Falcons to the Playoffs and I play Dallas in the playoffs.

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If Ryan starts from the start, he better have more yards than 1,600. Also, it's Madden! Turner will have more on the ground, probably some of Norwoods and Ovie's share in your stats.

Abraham with 10+ sacks would be my highlight of the season. Well that or Anderson turning around and getting 5 or more.

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Im going out on a limb here bare with me!

Matt Ryan 2200 yards 20 TD 12 INT

Michael Turner 1550 yards 16 TDS

Ovie Mughelli 100 yards 3 TDS

Roddy White 1250 yards 14 TDS

Jerious Norwood 850 yards 5 TDS

Brent Grimes 6 interceptions

Curtis Lofton (if he starts over Taylor) leads the team in tackles with 130.

Michael Boley not far behind 120 tackles

John Abraham 12 sacks

Jamaal Anderson 4 sacks

Kroy Bierman 6 sacks

I know people I must be crazy but wouldnt it be nice that is all we can do is dream right? Lets just say I hope it turns out like this.

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