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Random notes from preseason game II


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Sam Baker is in his Jr. year form he is sound technically he slides and mirrors extremely well, plays with great leverage and holds his ground on bull rushes

T. Taylor has a nose for the ball, #53 is always in the mix I did see him get washed out a couple of times by the Guards

Speaking of MLB's Lofton stacks and sheds pretty well for a rook and he makes his presence felt on he makes contact

Decoud fills really well on run plays he gets to the ballcarrier and finished his tackes

Milloy is a bulldog, C. Houston once said that Milloy is the most physical player he has seen and that he makes you wanna play that way

Speaking of Houston he needs to get back on the field

Grimes is looking like a beast athletically he is off the charts the play he made in the endzone pure talent

Ryan is the real deal his intangibles are off the charts he slides well in the pocket to avoid pressure and he knows where to go with the ball quickly (something Flacco struggles with)

Was it me or was A. Harris missing tackles and assignments on more than a few occasions

In contrast Coleman always seems to be in the right position (no big plays when he is in the game)

Clabo and Dahl are a nasty pair and they finish their blocks every play esp. in the running game

Blalock is truly a road grader I seen him pull one play and pancake a LB and then seal off a safety, he will be special

Our DTs are nothing spectacular overall we did play the run pretty well although we need more pressure up the gut hopefully Babs will step up in that capacity

Contrary to popular belief I still believe J. Anderson can be a player in this league on one play he showed great burst in pursuit his biggest thing is that he thinks too much he isnt reading and reacting which is essential at DE he needs more time coupled with the fact he wasnt coached up last year hes still a rook IMO

L. Robinson reminds me so much of T.J. Housh he runs great routes and catches everything, the play that was negated by a penalty was great he showed great concentration on it the ball bounced in the air and he snatched it we have a nice young nucleus of wrs

Biermann I love him he just makes plays

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