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What's odd about this is that Vick was supposed to be tight with Blank right?

Why didn't he ask Blank to recommend someone that could manage his finances?

Nevermind... I just realized he was financing his dog-fighting thing the whole time and he had to hide that from Blank.

I don't feel as bad for him now.

Vick was doing shady things with his finances so he couldn't get legit people to manage them.

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Some of these bad decisions don't have anything to do with shady finance operations. The 25% fee for one is stupifying, and Vick seemed to realize his error quickly, but probably did not take the time to properly extricate himself from the contract he signed. As such, he left himself open to liability.

There are some people who will tell you everything is allright even when their world is crumbling around them. It's more important for them to put up a facade that no problems or issues exist rather than finding a solution to the problems and issues that do exist. I get the sense the Vick was this type and by the time he realized he needed help, he reached out to the wrong people because he did not want the right people to see how delapidated his situation was.

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I cannot and am not trying to defend what these people did to Vick, ok. It is plain Vick just does not have a clue.

He trusts people, the wrong people, and puts himself in some very bad situations. One thing the NFL does is try to educate new players on how they can and might be abused if they are not careful with thier money. The Falcons have, or at least had Billy Johnson on hand to help players with advice on what to do if they need financial advice. No way should Vick be in this situation, he should have millions salted away somewhere.

Then again maybe Vick is comfortable with these people because they are a lot like him. Vick has cheated and lied to Blank repeatedly, including when Vick signed that big contract he was offered. Vick knew he was violating the NFL conduct policy at that time and since. And even when Vick was found out, Vick denied doing anything wrong. Vick did not even keep up his end of his plea bargain agreement.

So now Vick gets a dose of his own medicine. Dont dish it out if you cant take it.

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Vick's dogs are getting their own documentary on the Discovery Channel.

Good. They deserve it.

Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna record it on my DVR and then if I hear from my friends and family that it's not too sad or hard to watch, then I will watch it.

That stuff just kills me to see, so I'm playing it safe here. I'm a baby when it comes to animals and especially dogs.

One thing I'm glad about that came out of this whole ookie business is all the awareness now about this horrible industry and more busts and convictions are being made.

Also, I certainly would hope this has set an example to kids and young adults of what not to do.

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