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A lot of people have been all over Collinsworth about this interview, and as much as I detest the idea of defending NBC or one of it's commentators, I thought Collinsworth was just giving Kobe a chance to say how much he loves this country. I thought it was a nice moment.

The truth is, a lot of people have been trying to get us all to believe that loving this country isn't "cool" right now. That Obama is the symbol of what America can be, and should be. I believe that The U.S. is the greatest country in the history of mankind, and it is refreshing to hear a worldwide superstar express a similar opinion with no pretense or condition.....far too rare.

Its seems like Collinsworth teed up the ball for Kobe, I certainly could be wrong, I did not particularly like his smarmy smile the whole time, and NBC's insistence on the melodramatic music to "sell" Kobe's sincerity was ridiculous, but the fact remains it was very nice thing to see.....

I'm not crazy about Colinsworth (before or after this interview, but if nothing else, at least NBC did not assign Olberman to do the interview)

I could not find the interview to PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL, but I promise this link is perfectly safe


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