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There were both positive points in the game and of course, negatives... List your positives..

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- Laurent Robinson made a pretty good play toward the sideline. It sure was nice to see him out there the other day, I'd like to see what Matt Ryan can do with him against Baltimore/Tenn. He actually looked pretty good, I don't know if he can return kicks but I think we should give him a shot, and that foreign fellow. Better than Jennings. :huh:

- MIKE 'THE BURNER' TURNER.....whoa baby! Have a day, Turner. He did really good last night for the most part. 4 carries and 113 yards, thank you for signing him Blank..He just beasted those Colts last night, I can't wait to see more of this guy.. And our O-line also is credited with his numbers.. they opened up holes for him. Our oline actually looked pretty darn good..

- Grimes..he continues to make plays every time the ball is thrown his way. 5'10, hes got some ups! One play he recognized run and came up and made a good tackle..

List yours. B)

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1 and another 1: Michael Turner and the offensive line. I thought both did an outstanding job for the running game.

2. Brent Grimes continues to impress. He brings it on every play and doesn't seem to be intimidated by anyone. Great job Brent!

3. I thought Joey put in a great BACKUP QB performance. He managed the game, didn't turn the ball over (unlike the other three) and let the running game do its thing. Great job, Joey! You'll still be on the roster for Detroit.

4. Elam went three for three.

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The positives are that we look more like a team than most of us thought possible.

All of our rookies have looked good in differing degrees.

We also have stayed pretty healthy as a team which is good.

I am just excited about the upcoming year and the positive growth that this team will strive for.

We should all be excited as Falcons fans.

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Milloy jacking Addai up

Man that was a big hit and it got the rest of the D excited.

1. Of course Turner 4 carries for 113 yards.....enough said.

2. The OL, glad to see Mcclure back, Baker is making me proud of TD, Dahl and Clabo both had big blocks on Turners runs.

3. Matt Ryan actually scrambling out of the pocket and makin plays.

4. Lofton is every where, he is going to be a force in the NFL for a long time.

5. Laurent Robinson made some great catches out there, glad to see him back.

6. Joe Horn sitting on the bench looked great. ;)

7. Michael Jenkins held on to a couple of balls.

8. Elam came through on some kicks. 3/3

9. Grimes is looking good, even though he shouldve caught some picks by now he is continuing to improve. He played against Harrison last night, He had to jump real high to even get a play on the ball in the endzone. For someone who is 5'10 and playing like that he has alot of heart and that is what we need on this team.

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