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good, bad, and ugly of colts game

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the good-

1-turner/norwood/and thomas brown as #3 RB


3-defense vs run and pass, 3 FG's and ZERO TD's

4-ST's coverage, very solid

5-laraunt robinson/white

6-the OL if you can believe that!

7-kroy bierman, he's atleast the 4th DE

8-darren stone, solidifying #2 SS or atleast 5th S and nice STer, harris missed to many tackles.

9-taylor/lofton, both are playing great in middle

10-brent grimes, and jackson held up vs reggie wayne aside from one play.

11-milloy/coleman solid tacklers

12-elam, 3-3, koenen, schneck.

the bad-

1-injuries, but hopefully none serious.

2-TE depth behind hartsock, there is'nt any unless we find someone after cuts.

3-lack of pass rush from LDE. i do however think jamal anderson would look good in the middle with grady.

4-harrington/shockley, hard to say that about shockley but i think next two games reveal a better option than both for #3 after cuts.

5-PR adam jennings aside from one decent return negated by muff.

6-snelling who did nothing to help his cause. could'nt get north-n-south vs fast D.

7-antoine harris, but thats only bad for him as his bad tackling only costs him, not us.

8-nobody emerging as 6th LB, will have to rely on cuts.

9-corey mcintyre, useless, why is'nt snelling fighting him for #2 FB?

10-lack of pass rush from front 4 overall. nobody is able to provide push from LDE, but interior is not that much better. the blitz is our only hope but when you live by the blitz, you die by the blitz.

the ugly-

3 ints from 3 different QB's. two were more because of the recievers, but ryans which produced points was the difference in the game.

all in all, int's aside, we looked great and were fun to watch on offense and defense as well as ST's. the only thing i did not like that i saw was the inability to get any pressure on the QB. we did however play very good against the run while running the ball well for a second week in a row. ryan despite the int looked impressive again this week. unlike with joey, the coaching staff shows great confidence to throw at any time with matt ryan. in fact, we throw more than we run with him it seems. i'm comfortable with ryan starting and redman his back up this season and a developmental type as #3. the WR's are good with white and robinson showing the ability to make the spectacular catch. grimes looks like real deal, while coleman looks like an upgrade at FS. we look like we can be good on both sides of the ball and great next year with the right guy at LDE and NT next year in rd 1 and 2 of the draft.

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