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Falcons may do a lot more than expected in 08 !

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Of Course skipping past all the questions that still remain for a moment lets look at all the good things that Mike Smith and his Coaches seem to be putting together as this 2nd Preseason contest comes down to the wire...........

The Elements of a good playoff contender and even a Championship type team consist of three basic parts that much work together to oil the entire machine and make it all come together during the course of a game, and a season.

1.) The 1st element is a great Running Game.............Look at all the Superbowl champions of the past and most of the yearly playoff contenders, and you will find a good to great Running attack, There are many aspects to this element which inculdes the Offensive line play, how well to the Tightends block, the Playbook and of course the Personnal at the postion.

It seems the Falcons have already nailed this element and it should bring them wins right here in 08, Michael Turner is a stud who has showed tonight with 113 yds on a handful of carries that he is destined to do big things in the Atlanta Backfield, Defenses will have to prepare for him and Norwood who should be able to keep the pressure off him and keep opposing defenses off balance. The Backups up very good as well with Thomas Brown. The only question remains the Offensive line, but If it stays healthly look for improvement there as well.

2.) The 2nd element is Great Coaching ................. In the recent past weither you look at the era of Jim Mora Jr or Petrino, you will find that the falcons had the talent to be better than they was, but they let everyone down because of poor coaching and ingame decisions, If you look to the Superbowl champions in History you will discover that almost by rule they all had staples as coaches who were not only great but who breed members of their staffs to promote themselves into head coaching postions thoughout the league. It seems the Falcons have finally turned the table in this element as well as Coaching plays a part into every facet of the game but none is more important than the coordinators that they hire to run the offense, defense and special teams. Mora for example had very poor coordinators and it cost him his job, Mike Smith now on the other hand seems to have brought together a very well rounded coaching staff that knows the game and has a diverse background and been around winners thoughout their careers.

3.) The 3rd element and some may say the most important is a Great QB .............. In the Past the Falcons have never had a real answer at the postion, and their latest attempt to stablize the positon in Mike Vick was a horrible failure. Now however the page has been turned with the selection of Matt Ryan, who will compete with D.J Shockley, Chris Redman, and Joey Harrington to decide who starts this season, My money is on Ryan who will grow into the postion quickly and get the Falcons back on the map sooner than most people expect.

So we see things coming together nicely ....................The Falcons have found a stable coaching staff who seems to know the game, they have put together a impressive Running game and they have a young skilled passer who is willing to learn and has the ability to get better in a hurry......................Call me crazy but in Todays NFL, Nothing is Crazy anymore............The Falcons can make the Playoffs this season !!!!!!

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The only areas that cost me major concern is the Defensive end spot of J-Anderson.........He has showed nothing since becoming a starter and if he cannot pressure the QB, The linebackers and the Secondary is in for a long season.

Of Course the Offensive line needs to man-up to better protect whoever is playing QB !!!!

I believe that Matt Ryan should start, he is clearly the most talented of the group the Falcons have and he will make Rookie mistakes like the interception tonight but we will have to live though that to allow hm to get control of the offense, the playoff and hopefully before seasons end the game itself.............

The Return game must also be addressed..........Adam Jennings needed to be cut yesterday.

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