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Harrington continues to blow it....


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Harrington had all day facing no blitz and still couldn't move the ball into the endzone.

Shockley had a blitz in his face as his FB went out on a route. Though I agree, Shockley should have taken the oncoming sack and used his last timeout.

shockley knew before he snapped the ball that his RB was going to the flat and should have checked down even if he had a blitz or not. let's see shockley at least put some points on the board before we get too carried away.

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The floaty little float balls downfield are like golden eggs to defenders.

Hey ****,

Pts. under Joey: 6

Pts. under Ryan: -7

Plus I saw alot of dinkin and dunkin under Ryan, but everyone loves it when he does it. When joey dinks and dunks hes terrible. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites.

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