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how can you remember the episode names? :huh:

I have watched them so many times. :P I still don't have the DVD collection, but I recorded the Marathon they always have on Sci Fi new years and just wear those tapes out. I want the DVD collection to it bad though. Along with the outer limits and Night Gallery.

Outer limits was great for Sci Fi, although a little repetitive on the" menace from space" angle. Night Gallery was geared more toward horror and it was great.

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Top 5 Recent TV Shows

5. Deadwood

4. Battlestar Galactica

3. Dexter

2. The Office

1. Entourage

Top 5 Recently Read Books

5. Water for Elephants (shockingly f'ing awesome book)

4. The Afghan

3. Odd Thomas

2. Son of the Morning Star

1. Michael Connelly (a cheat here, but I recently got hooked on Connelly and have run through 8 in his Harry Bosch series so far this year, all have been stellar)

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Top 5 Zeppelin songs

1. Kashmir

2. Stairway to heaven

3.When the leeves break

4.Black dog

5. Misty Mountain Hop

Look, if you're gonna be the Board's official Zep fan, you can't mis-spell the names to their songs:

When the LEVEE BreakS.

Also, Kashmir CANNOT be no. 1. Sorry. Shouldn't be on the list, but if it is, it's 5 at best. Where's "Since I've Been Loving You" or "Traveling Riverside Blues?"


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