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soem of his throws were kind of weak....but he made great dicisions (who to throw to) Roddy MADE that TD catch ALL roddy.....it was a poor throw.....but he will be a great QB IMO

he put that TD ball to where the defender couldnt get it. only the WR.

the WR is supposed to make every possible catch

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I think Ryan's accuracy will improve with experience at this level. Although a few of his passes weren't right on the money, Ryan did make the passes mostly impossible to be intercepted and only catchable by his intended targets. He's getting some great reads and finding targets very quickly and that's a huge plus. Once he works on his accuracy and throwing to allow the WRs to keep running during the catch, then this offense is going to burn up defenses like a California wildfire.

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Is it necessary for your sig to be THAT big?

No, it's a Work In Progress...

So, I value your opinion, what did you think about Ryan (take out the first drive)?

I liked his choices of whom to throw to, but he didnt seem to put it in there very well...

Oh, yeah, our receivers and the plays (planning) looked pretty good. They were

getting open when they should be open. That'll help.

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do you actually believe that.....there was no one around white.....it was thrown behind him......come on man!!

actually from teh looks of it Ryan threw that ball before Roddy even took his cut, it was anticipation and he masterfully threw it to a spot.

also did u hear what roddy said about it later? He said Ryan puts such great touch on the ball that as long as its near him its easy to catch. Thats the great thing with Ryan, he puts a great touch on the ball making it easy to catch.

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