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Sanity wins out! Mexican rapist and murderer frizzle fried.

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I saw that. I'm sorry, but the World Court doesn't get a say in our sovereignty. We have a legitimate judicial system, and he had a chance to defend himself against false accusations. Turned out they weren't false, so he gets what he deserves for this:

"Medellin, 33, was condemned for participating in the 1993 gang rape, beating and strangling of Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman,

14. He and five fellow gang members attacked the Houston girls as they were walking home on a June night, raped and tortured them for

an hour, then kicked and stomped them before using a belt and shoelaces to strangle them."

My only problem with him being executed is that it took 15 years to do it. I also hope that the others who participated didn't plead out, and get lighter sentences.

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Actually i say put child molestors in the general population of the prison and see what happens B)

Well, that and I would take all of the gang members in prison and dump them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hey, if they want to fight and shoot people so badly, well, THERE YA GO, FELLAS!! Let's see how tough you are out here!

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