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Atlantas QB situation is similar to Green Bays in rookies

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Atlantas QB situation is similar to Green bayss in rookies. Their not going to take Brett Farve back then they cave and say it will be a tryout for the position, they can still give the job to Rodgers. But before, they had Rodgers, a unproven QB and 2 rookies, Rodgers rolls his ankle the first game, their on Brian Brohm or Flynn from LSU. Like us we have Redman a QB with limited experience, a rookie Ryan and harrington and his past :( or Shockley hes not a rookie but he's hasn't started a game either. If Redman is taken out in the first couple of games, You go to Ryan or Harrington, if the offensive line is not holding? Want to get your future slaughtered and shell shocked or trial by fire. I can see why they took Farve back, just for insurance reasons. Our situation is worst sad to say. We don't have a Farve yet, but he might turn into one. ;)

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Two points:

1. I'll confess it: if the Packers win the Super Bowl with Favre as quarterback, I'll throw up.

2. The faith you UGA devotees have in Shockley is truly impressive – unconvincing, but impressive. I have very little doubt, however, that if DJ had played for some college team somewhere else than in the state of Georgia, almost all of his devotees wouldn't be giving him the slightest attention.

Fact: DJ is not going to beat out Ryan; the only way Shockley makes it pass the final cut is for a complete performance collapse by either Redman or Harrington. Shockley is about to be toast.

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