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offensive formula

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i think our success depends on our running game this year. let me elaborate, petrino rarely used mughelli at all last year, this year smith will make sure he is taking on blockers like nobodys business. he said he takes it personal to clear room for turner. turner will pound the ball up the middle like a 240 pound bowling ball, meaning that once a lineman or linebacker sheds mughelli they have to take turners punishment (if he hasnt already blown by them) on second and third downs , line turner and norwood up in the same backfield-the defense naturally tired of turner stuffing it up the middle on them crowds the box ,and then bam pitch right to a head of steam norwood and watch him go to work. then finally the defense loads the middle and crashes the safeties on norwood and guess what? a little play action pass with one on one coverage with roddy and laurent toying with the cb for a deep bomb. there are so many freaks of a athelete on this offense that douglas, white, robinson, turner, and norwood can take it the distance at any time, add in dj on some trick plays and the defense is gonna be cursing all day....im loving the youth and atheletism on this team...thoughts?

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I don't think ANYthing from last year has ANY bearing on the new Team, Coaches, FO or maybe even the cheerleaders.

michael gee you missed about 98% of the post im talking about the present and how much speed and power our backfield has man...theres so many different formations that can cause a defense fits

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