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I need some help from some of you computer/video folks

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Hey guys,

I have to do a sales presentation at our company headquarters on August 19 and I wanted to use a video clip from Tommy Boy but i cannot find it. The clip I am seeking is the one where him and David Spade are sitting in the office of one of their customers after Tommy's dad has died and Tommy goes crazy dramatizing the story of what would happen to the customer if he (the customer) was using his (Tommy's) brake pads compared to those of the competitor. Tommy shows the car burning and all that stuff when the customer is using the brake pads of the competition.

I looked on You tube and I also googled it but i could not find the clip. I saw a bunch of people acting it out, but none from the actual movie. If any of you can either find that link and send it to me or tell me where I can find it myself, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch. I appreciate any help on this.

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