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790 in the zone interviews


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I think White, Robinson and Douglass are the future...

*cough* Jenkins...well...we love Jenks..

Thanks for posting this..I wanted to hear it before...lol @ Laurent said they laugh at how Ryan says "hut hut"..

great post

lol.. that hut hut remark was funny tho...lol

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lol extremely country. But he seems so humble. it would be great if he cracks 1000 yards this year.

I cant lie...selfishly..... i dont want him to crack 1000 yards so we can have a better chance at resigning him...... Thats just like i do not want Roddy White and Michael Boley to make the probowl either............. i want6 them all to have great years but get shafted on the probowl votes

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