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Koy Wire?, Koy Wire?


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Joey Harrington trying to kill Snelling!


I remember the game, official stat which are not Correct Btw were 4 Tackles, two Solo!

Coy Wire was everywhere,

I was like he is a kicken WLB,

because he played WLB that Game, because they were trying to move him to it.

not CB/S because it was preseason.

He is Definitely who I want to Play Rovering SS if Milloy goes down.

Too Bad JWill didnt step up and Become the FS Saftey that could have allowed this to happen.

Height: 6-0 Weight: 228

Born: 11/7/1978 Camp Hill , PA

College: Stanford

Experience: 7th season

High School: Cedar Cliff HS [Camp Hill, PA]

He is going to be fun to watch this preseason,

Wire release because He failed his physical after having the neck fusion surgery., cap room

ST ACE with no Quit in him, I knew something had to happen to him.

Hopefully, he is 100% now!

TD knows Football Players, like Bo, you know


Cutting Wire is BS!

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Could be a good player? That play was made by Jo Jo, who couldn't take the pressure in the pocket, and just set up one of his own guys to take the hit. If I remember right, he did the same thing to Norwood (or Dunn) earlier in the game, while the other one was injured or something. Snelling stayed on the ground for a few minutes after it. I think Joey took out about 2/3rds of our RB's (Pinner didn't count, he still isn't a running back) in that game.

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