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Roam the Dome

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yeah everyone else has pretty much made one..but i went..so i will too

WR-Harry douglas was the MAN..he made an amazing catch over brent grimes in the corner endzone for a TD..shockley just threw up a prayer..and douglas leaped atleast 4ft lol...Williams #18 caught my eye a few times too..almost made a great diving catch in the endzone and then when he hit the ground the ball popped out..but he did make an awsome diving catch up near the sideline...roddy was roddy..pretty much ownin out there...he also had a great TD catch from i think harrington...tip toed in the back of the endzone on a fly barely getting his feet in..robinson didnt play but i did get his autograph :D..finneran looked great..still has some stride in him...he took a short pass from ryan and ran with it about 20 or 25 yds..i really hope he makes his comeback and actually contributes as a WR

QB-Shockley looked pretty good out there im not gonna lie..very mobile..there was one play like gritzblitzer said where he threw it behind thomas brown..and he had to dive behind him to catch it and it was no gain..gotta make those throws..but shockley was zipping the ball around making some completions out there..ryan did okay other than that int, it was a bad decision because finneran was wide open on the other side of the field..but it happens.. he will learn..after the int it looked like blue was gonna take it to the house..but norwood comes outta no where behind him and gets him..it was great..we need norwood out there on D just to run down recievers lol..he is SOO FAST..okay back to qb...they all looked pretty solid except for the 2 ints..one from ryan and one from redman

RB-Hard to tell without pads..but everyone could easily tell how great and explosive norwood was..it seemed like every one of his runs he was gone...turner looked okay..had some effective screen passes with him..brown and snelling did alright as well..like i said hard to tell without pads

Cant really tell much about the defense since there wasnt tackling except for coverage..i think coleman had an int, blue had 2 int, and houston had a few breakups..

i had a great time and finally got some autograhs for the first time...im new at this stuff..that was the 2nd time i've been to the dome and boy does it look awsome..much better compared to the old version..we have a home now:D..just wanted to share my experience..had a great time and cant wait until the 1st preseason game!!!

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Man i wish i had a Shock jersey, so he could sign it, but i got my hat signed by Taylor and Shockley. It looks like my "crazy" talk is coming true.

I hear ya...I've been with ya as well. I'm still gonna wait till last game of the preseason to make a prediction, but Shock looks awfully NICE out there. I read your post about your first day at TC and I must say you were dead on about HIM.. B)

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