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Friday Night Lights for PF guys


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I will start with saying this is brought to you by my friend Amanda, since if it wasnt for her giving me directions, when i lost mine, and got lost, then i wouldnt have done to the scrimmage, and got my hat signed by DJ SHOCKLEY AND TONY TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!

ok ill start with the QB compeition, since thats hot right now. the 2 best Qbs were Shockley and Ryan. i think ill go with Ryan as best, since he got better wides, who didnt drop his catches. Shockley is 2nd, and would have been first if his TD pass was caught, which was right in the recievers hands, or if Zinger( CUT) caught the ball, when DJ threw it to him. 3 times DJ threw it to him, and 3 times it was in his hands, and he did hold on. Harrington was 3rd, and had a good TD like Shockley and Ryan. Ryan's TD was a deep one to roddy white. Redman was 5th string with his 3 and outs, and his int.

RBs all of them looked good, but i didnt really see turner play. Norwood had a sick kick return for a TD before scrimmage. Brown and Snelling were showing what they could do, and both looked good. its gonna be hard to let one of them go. I think we move Snelling to FB, and get rid of Corey Mac.

Defense JAMAAL HAD A SACK!!! Abe was there!! Tony Taylor was the starting MLB, and lofton was on 2nd string. nothing special from either of them, but taylor did get in the middle of the pill a few times. Boley had an INt, and Grimes almost had on right before boley's int. Secondary was ok, but it was getting burn quiet a few times.

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