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Final Fantasy XIII Demo Coming to PS3 March 2009

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Square Enix announced at the DKΣ3713 event in Japan today that the Blu-ray re-release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children would come with a playable demo version of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3, according to reports from Famitsu. The disc will also ship with new videos of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will ship in Japan at some point in March 2009.

Other news from the event:

- The 3rd Birthday will be on the PSP as well. Nomura's team will be working on it.

- The Dissidia special download contents at the event is a Dissidia PSP Custom Theme.

- KINGDOM HEARTS coded (mobile) has a release window of Winter 2008.

- There will also be a FFVIIACC PS3 bundle. The release will be in March 2009.

- FF AgitoXIII will also be released on the PSP, no release window. The 3rd Birthday PSP will be out in 2009.

- FF Versus XIII's trailer says "Playstation3 only Worldwide".

- Dissidia PSP bundle confirmed. Release date will be in Dec 2008.

- KH DS is "this winter" without the 2008, so maybe early 2009.

- KH PSP is 2009.

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That's how they schedule their development. It was never meant to be released early on in the generation.

still too long to wait for a mainstream FF. how long after the ps1 launch did we get VII? how long after the ps2 launch did we get X? when you factor in the inevitable square delays, it wouldn't shock me if we don't get XIII until 2010 or even 2011.

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