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Dear God. If you don't cry at this you are not human.

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I knew you would find a way to make it political. Congrats.

It's not political to say I wouldn't want my kids cared for by the Government...if anyone did want their kids cared for by the Govt......that should prove they shouldn't have kids.

If I said the sky was blue, would you say that was political too ????

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That is sad. Its freaking 2008 and crap like this still happens. The sad thing is that you know there are other children out there in similar situations.

I wish you were wrong, but unfortunately, I think you nailed it....this is another example of why I do not understand people who oppose the death penalty.

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Guest Gritz

Unbelievable......I have been a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and am sad to say that this kind of thing goes on a whole lot more than people realize.

If any of you have an interest in helping children look into the CASA program in your county.

After reading this story I may get sworn in again........

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