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that's why they play the games. (this petty wisdom is often over-looked)

Exhibition games mean nothing but taking training camp practice to another level.

I just listened to, via audio on the web, JOHN Madden, not the game but the man.

KCBS in San Francisco calls Madden for a report from his bus going cross country

to the Hall of Fame game with a side trip to training camp for the INDY Colts.

Madden says that 3 or 4 key players for the Colts are not in camp

including Manning. According to Madden without those,

the Colts are very average.

I deduce from that that the FALCONs will be a better team, more cohesive

than the Colts as they go into their 1st exhibition against the JAGS. The players have

more to prove to the coaches. Coach Smith says "Don't worry, fans; everybody is

rebuilding." I appreciate that, coach, but not everybody is rebuilding

at every position. QB, for example.

Whoever backs up Payton Manning will be playing in the Colts' 1st exhibition.

That fine fellow is not as good (in basic QB skills) as any of the 4 guys competing

for the Falcons QB job, but when the regular season starts, Manning takes the field.

A play-off team doesn't need any 'GREAT' back-up quarterback,

just needs the starter to be great. Maybe Shockley OR Redman

OR Harrington can be GREAT, OR Ryan becomes great

the first time he reaches under center in a real game.

Until then, it is ALL potential.

The head coach has to be the BOSS; the head coach cannot be

BOSS while play is in progress. While play is in progress, it is the QB

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