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King Heads to USC; 2 Recruits Waiting


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King Heads to USC; 2 Recruits Waiting

Written by Phil Kornblut

Posted on 07.31.08

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With football practice set to commence Friday night, one USC signee has received the go ahead to report and two remain in limbo regarding their eligiblity.

DE Jarriel King successfully completed the math class he needed to be accepted by USC. The grade has been posted and King is on his way to Columbia.

WR Tori Childers has to retake the SAT after his score was flagged by USC admissions. He's expecting to hear something back on that between August 6th and August 12th.

And DB Darrell Simmons has a grade outstanding on a class he took this summer, and that will determine if he qualifies. If Simmons does not qualify, he will enroll at Fork Union Prep.

USC signees DE Ronald Byrd and DE Chaz Sutton are already set to enroll at Fork Union. And OL Elliot Williams is headed to Georgia Military JC.

Bout time we get this beast on campus. B)

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I didnt know franklin didnt make it in.

We'd love to have Chaz tomorrow, but hopefully he'll get his grades straight.

Yeah I really have to wonder what their coach was doing. You have 2 Div. 1 players on your team and neither can make it into school. I know they have to do the work but you've got to stay on your kids.

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