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Roddy White stays in touch with imprisoned Vick

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FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Roddy White has just one regret about the "Free Mike Vick" T-shirt he wore under his game jersey last year.

"I just wish they hadn't fined me $10,000," the fourth-year Atlanta Falcons receiver said with a smile Thursday. "Too bad they didn't cut me a break on that, but Mike's a good guy, and he's always been my friend."

White wishes his breakout 2007 season would have come with Vick as the Atlanta quarterback. During their time together on the field, White never could shake his tendency to drop Vick's passes at crucial junctures in a game.

Those problems all but disappeared last year as Vick began serving a 23-month federal prison sentence for organizing and bankrolling a multistate dogfighting ring from his countryside property in Virginia.

White never wavered in his belief that federal prosecutors singled out Vick for more punishment than he deserved. So, last Dec. 10, the same day his friend was sentenced, White pulled his No. 84 jersey over a T-shirt that read "Free Mike Vick" as he dressed in the Georgia Dome locker room before a blowout loss to New Orleans.

The NFL, which had suspended Vick indefinitely in June, was not amused when Atlanta receiver Joe Horn raised the bottom of the jersey to show the T-shirt for a national television audience after White's 33-yard touchdown catch late in the first quarter.

Horn was fined $7,500 for his role. Cornerback Chris Houston and former Falcons DeAngelo Hall and Alge Crumpler were each fined $10,000 for wearing unauthorized eye strips.

White says Vick still appreciates his support and tells him as much when they talk occasionally on the phone. According to White, who has yet to visit Vick in prison, officials at the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., allow inmates to earn additional phone calls with good behavior.

As recently as last month, White spoke with Vick while Kevin Winston, the Falcons' director of player development, was making a visit.

"Since Mike got locked up, Kevin has visited him a lot," White said. "The thing about Mike is when I got here, he took me in under his wing, and he told me that, no matter what, I would be a Pro Bowler one day. That guy always kept me confident going into games, and we was always friends off the football field. Me doing that for him (with the shirt), that was nothing."

The spectacularly sudden downfall of Vick, who was indicted on the day the Falcons began training camp last year, put the team on course for an abysmal 4-12 finish in '07.

In spite of Atlanta's chaos on and off the field, White made the most of Bobby Petrino's spread offense, an attack the former coach designed for Vick, but soon turned over to an underachieving quarterback tandem of Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich and Chris Redman.

White, however, finished 2007 tied for eighth in the NFL with 1,202 yards receiving. He ranked 13th in catches (83) and tied Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald for fifth with 19 receptions of 20-plus yards.

Some of White's statistics were inflated by Atlanta's incapacity to take or hold a second-half lead. Regardless, after two inconsistent seasons, White topped the combined production of his first two seasons in yards receiving and number of receptions and touchdown catches.

He became the first Falcons receiver with a 1,000-yard season since Terance Mathis in 1999, and showed Atlanta made the right decision in '05 to draft him 27th overall out of Alabama-Birmingham.

First-year receivers coach Terry Robiskie credits Horn, a four-time Pro Bowl selection who signed as unrestricted free agent last year, with White's improved route-running and recognition of defensive alignments.

"You may see it all, but by the time the ball is snapped, and you start to run your route, something has changed," Robiskie said. "Roddy finally realized not only to recognize that change from the defense, but to react as fast as it was happening. Joe really opened his eyes as far as his understanding of the game went."

The playbook of new coordinator Mike Mularkey is more traditional than Petrino's. Establishing a strong ground attack is foremost for Mularkey, and a commitment to new running back Michael Turner could affect White's production.

Over the entire season, though, White believes the Falcons will benefit from balancing the number of runs and passes. Rookie quarterback Matt Ryan, Atlanta's new franchise centerpiece, might beat out Redman for the starting job, which could give Mularkey more confidence to pass.

"He's commanding the huddle, which is always a good thing for a young quarterback," White said. "He's coming in there and putting guys in the right spots. When we make a mistake, he can point it out and tell us where to go."

White will always keep Vick in mind, but he's thrilled that Ryan seemingly has tangible leadership qualities.

"Everybody knows he has that X factor," White said. "Now we're just waiting for him to get out there in that first preseason game and show what he can do."

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Guest Gritz

I don't have a problem with any of that. I think it's actually admirable of White to offer support to someone who did the same for him. I also like the fact that White seems genuinely excited about Ryan's potential.

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I have no problems with him supporting Vick as a friend, but the t-shirt thing embarrassed me as a fan.

And if it's Joe Horn who taught Roddy how to be a pro-bowl calibre receiver then I'm glad we overpayed the old man to come in here and teach the young boys something.

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Whatever Roddy does in his own time is none my buisness, as long as he prepares and trys to be his best, i dont care who he talks too. Vick was his friend so i can understand supporting him.

When your in jail, a phone call or a letter can bring your spirits up, and help you get through the day. believe me, u learn who your real friends are.

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